Yellow Springs "Cirque Carnaval" Call for performers

5PM to 10PM Friday evening July 16, 2010, Chautauqua Week


Matt sugested that if I have something else to say about the circus space, and not being let in, I say it here in a personal blog instead of about a blog that is about a monthly meeting. I didn't bring it up because I want to be angry or right. I think that is an example of how the circus operates exclusively sometimes. I think it could have been handled better. I think at the least a vote should have been taken or a meeting should have been held where I was invited or I should have been contacted about it. It shouldn't have been handled sneaky the way it was.

General update on projects I'm involved with

Zine - looking for a new place to house the printer/computer/scanner. c{space was seen as temporary to begin with, and it's looking like it needs to be more temporary than first anticipated. The deadline for getting it out of c{space is Feb 17th. If nothing comes up I'm just going to rent storage space, but I'd rather only move the Printer on more time... it's a bit of a chore!


The Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP) is a local independent effort to bring free and sustainable resources to its neighborhood and to the city of St. Louis. Through the means of art, media, open forums, open doors, event space and collaborative projects, CAMP will provide a new center for creative interaction, welcoming people of all ways of life. Thriving inside of the historic Randall Building at the corner of Cherokee Street and Minnesota Avenue, CAMP considers its location in crucial juxtaposition with its mission.


Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive public environment for the exploration of art, education, performance and community building. Through cooperative relationships and multidisciplinary programs, CELLspace encourages the celebration of intergenerational, cross-cultural collaborations and the promotion of social justice.

CELLspace Today


i'm going to post a few things, from other ventures that seem in some ways similar to what the group had said it would want in a space or group, so they can be read through for ideas, ideas on anything from programming, language use, planning, structure, and so on.

About Flywheel

Flywheel is a non-profit, volunteer-run community arts space open to all, offering:

* Live music
* Art exhibits
* Film & video screenings
* Poetry & spoken word
* Theater & performance art
* A zine library
* A café
* Space for meetings & discussion groups

Proposal - Ten Principles for The Sideshow

Please read the following and leave your thoughts in the comments. This is a proposal for the adoption of principles which would guide the participants of The Sideshow. It is adopted and modified from similar principles used at participatory art events around the world, including the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. While already doing most of these things actively, it answers some of the questions we get as to why we do what we do.

Ten Principles for The Sideshow

Radical Inclusion
Anyone may be a part of The Sideshow. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.

AWESOME flash mini-game

I really like this for the music, and playing this game is like discovering paintings. It's a little weird at first, but give it time! It only takes about 20 minutes to play through, maybe less, and it's totally worth it, especially if you're nostalgic at all for metroid or castlevania (the originals)... This is more art than game, though.

I hate mini-flash games. This came highly recommended, so I tried it. Fantastic.

Really Really Free Stuff (online)

In the tradition of the Really Really Free Market and Freecycle, I'm going to be posting stuff I'm giving away to the Solicitations and Opportunities Forum over the next two weeks... check back frequently! Have something of to give away? Join in the fun by posting your own free stuff.

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