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Important and time-sensitive announcements concerning Circus business.
1987892 years 42 weeks ago
by Kate Ervin
The glue that holds The Circus together
461783 years 23 weeks ago
by LowBow
How we serve others.
27704 years 15 weeks ago
by Kate Ervin
Ask general questions here and the group shall answer. Want to know - how to throw a show with The Circus? What it takes to install a sculpture in Garden Station? Here's the place to ask these and other queries.
442562 years 44 weeks ago
by Kate Ervin
Need help on your latest project? Want to collaborate with others? Need to borrow a chainsaw? Need performers for your next show? Submit your requests here, and, hopefully, someone will respond.
812312 years 44 weeks ago
by j0hndeath
Feeling appreciative? Please leave your kudos or thanks here.
3135 years 40 weeks ago
by Kidtee
A separate forum container devoted to specific projects within the Circus Collective
This is the place to discuss all things related to Sideshow 6
This forum is for the day to day operational stuff of Yellow Cab
This forum is specifically for events and art related things being organized at Yellow Cab - more about events less about daily operations...
The effort to secure a space from the city and make it beautiful
553883 years 16 weeks ago
by JeffO
A forum for the discussion of potential Circus projects. If you have an idea you would like to throw out - post it here. If a project idea gains support and momentum, then we can give it a separate forum of its own.
20923 years 16 weeks ago
by dksprout
All things related to this website.
301823 years 38 weeks ago
by MatheoDJ
Assert your opinions on political issues.
10314 years 21 weeks ago
by LowBow
Discuss the arts/culture/entertainment scene.
34774 years 15 weeks ago
by garmentlady
Uncategorized rants, randomness & general gibberish... The Circus braindump.
14394 years 11 weeks ago
by Kate Ervin
Our old conversations that are no relevant or in use
Our participation-based art installation weekend in conjunction with Dayton's Urban Nights. This is the 4th sideshow in Dayton, and the first to be led by Administrative Member Maggie Ottoson. For info call The Circus at (937) 301-5471.
14904 years 17 weeks ago
by dksprout
Our participation-based art installation weekend in conjunction with Dayton's Spring Urban Nights. This is the 5th sideshow in Dayton, and the first to be led by Administrative Member Kidtee Hello.
11583 years 50 weeks ago
by LowBow
Topics of discussion to facilitate the planning of our annual fundraising event.
171216 years 30 weeks ago
by MatheoDJ
Discussion for the Sideshow 2008
191365 years 3 weeks ago
by jeffers
Burrito Jams are the weekly free burrito night and drum circle at a local venue in Dayton - Generally c{space in the winter, and Garden Station in the Summer. The Burrito Jam group consists of Jeff Opt, Lisa Helm, David Harewood and Matt James. Matt and Jeff maintain and run the Circus' PA system, David Harewood books musical acts to follow the drum circle, and Lisa coordinates Garden Station activities, and she and Matt provide Daytonians with tasty burritos on the weekly.
244 years 16 weeks ago
by GeniusJunky
5225 years 41 weeks ago
by JeffO
We talk about sustainability and ecology... that takes technology and the sharing of ideas.
266 years 32 weeks ago
by NamelessBryan
The effort to procure a quality sound system for Circus events, and train individuals to use it effectively
115 years 48 weeks ago
by JeffO
4324 years 25 weeks ago
by LowBow
All the business details - financials, bylaws, procedures, board of trustees, etc.
6376 years 16 weeks ago
by Kate Ervin
All things related to the building - what spaces to look at, what to do with it when we get it, etc.
20984 years 12 weeks ago
by MatheoDJ
We're leasing a studio space at Front St so the Circus has a solid home until we can get a building of our own
151393 years 39 weeks ago
by MatheoDJ
A local, community driven, ad-free, art-quality Zine printed on acid free paper, including high-quality full color art prints. Proceeds benefit The Dayton Circus Creative Collective, a non-profit organization promoting creative people and their endeavors in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding regions.
3244 years 22 weeks ago
by MatheoDJ

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