shon walters opening

03/14/2008 - 17:00
03/14/2008 - 23:29

Well if I thought my plate was already overflowing enough, hey lets open a gallery or subsidiary of Goloka that is just about the work and not about the work. By this I mean a place to show work without the process of. A gallery for solo shows. Who ever thought that I would find myself throwing a ' cheese block art show' but here we go. I would like for you to join me for the opening of Goloka Gallery (Oregon Division) on Fri. March 7th at 521 5th street. 5 to whenever. Also Opening the same night will Be Mike Elsass' new gallery 'Color of Energy' and Francine Riley's gallery 'Visceral'. This is all part of the Expansion of the Oregon District as an arts District. There are now five new galleries within the district with hopefully more to come. Also new is Lorreta Puncer's gallery (across the street) and Susan King and Kay Carlisle's gallery (my neighbors). This month the work will consist of woodwork from myself, Shon Walters. If you like what you are experiencing please give a smile, hand shake, a little dance, a shot, hug or pat on the back to Mike Ervin and Mike Elsass for getting this going, along with all of the other artists who are working diligently on this project to better the arts and this city. Hope to see you all there.
a delicate elephant testing his fate at Ballet,
-shon walters

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