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We recognize the potential of every individual to create. We empower the members of our community by helping them actualize their dreams. We value the contributions of everyone, and we support each other with a true sense of community. We know that through collaborating with others, we create something greater than ourselves. (Read on...)

The Circus is dedicated to building a nourishing environment that will encourage community interaction, artistic collaboration, and the empowerment of the individual. We offer a place to create, perform, and share freely in the experience of living.

We envision a Dayton that attracts and retains creative people and fosters the creative expression inherent in Everyone. We value: Dayton, Community, Creativity, Growth, Connection, Inclusion, Empowerment, Expression, Inspiration, Equality, Diversity, Support, and Sustainability.


We hold public events once a month. One month we might get together to share our latest projects. The next month we might blindfold each other and run through the streets of downtown Dayton. You never can tell… Please join us to meet new and creative people, show and tell, and socialize in a supportive environment. Always free. Always fun. Always interesting.

We discuss Circus business on the third Saturday of every month from 1-3pm at the Circus Studio Space, located at The Yellow Cab building, 700 E. 4th Street, Dayton, Ohio. This meeting is intended for steering the direction of our collaborative project. We discuss agenda items, vote on issues, set goals. Take care of the nitty gritty. The Business Meetings are free and open to the public.

In between meetings, we often communicate on this website. Create an account to connect with other artists; post your artwork online; get involved with Circus events; discuss topics important to you; find out about local events; solicit help for your latest project; AND much more! Please check the website to confirm the details of our Meetings, call 937.789.0591, or send an e-mail to daytoncircus@gmail.com.


We value the creative power of ALL people. Whether you sculpt, write computer programs, or make babies, you are an Artist in some aspect of your life. We are all exploring our worlds, expressing what we see hear and feel there, and making choices that compel change.

The Circus encourages you to up the ante in the ways you create. We hope to inspire you to make something new. Something more complex. Something that shatters the expectations of what you thought was possible for yourself! We are here to assist.


Do you need a place to show or perform your work? We host art shows and benefits at Vex NiteClub. Just contact us to get involved. Do you want to host your own event, workshop, class, or silly get-together? We have the space available, the manpower to help, and the promotions support to spread the word.

Every year, we throw a massive underground art show called The Sideshow. It is the biggest and most public place to show your 2D/3D work, perform with your band, screen your film, build your installation, or debut your performance art. Contact us for details.


We encourage sustainability by supporting and collaborating with groups throughout the region. For example, in our collaboration with K12 Gallery for Young People, we taught classes for teenagers during the 2007/2008 school year.

Our hope for the future is to have a communal space in Downtown Dayton to provide a permanent location for our endeavors. A community space is necessary to foster deep connections between individuals. We need a place to gather regularly. We need a place to welcome the community. In the next year we hope to begin our capital campaign. Your donations of time, energy, and money can help make this happen!

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For any questions regarding this site, use the contact form by clicking "Contact" on the menu above or feel free to email the webmaster, Mark, at mantramark(at)gmailcom - he'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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