Garden Station Guidelines for Artwork

Guidelines for artwork displayed at Garden Station Community Garden

David Kenworthy

Proposals for artwork to display at Garden Station must include dimensions, sketches and/or photos, and a list of materials you plan to use. You may email your proposal to If you would like to present your proposal in person or have any questions, please send us an email or call 626.8013 to make arrangements.

Heather Lea Reid and Etch

Should you be invited to display your work in the garden, please begin installation within 14 days of approval. Please finish installing your work within 14 days of beginning installation. If you require more time, please let us know. (more after the jump...)

Artwork will be on display in the garden for a minimum period of six months with the possibility of an extension. You may offer your piece for sale while it is on display, however the piece must remain in the garden for the full six month term. 10% of all sales go toward the garden maintenance fund.
Artwork must be weather worthy, solidly constructed and secured in such a manner so it will withstand changing seasons, wind, rain, snow, curious children etc. Please pay special attention to the “climbability” of your artwork. Although safety warnings and rules will be posted your piece should be strong enough to withstand possible misuse to a certain degree. The Dayton Circus/Garden Station is not liable for damage to yourself or your piece for any reason, or caused in any way. The Dayton Circus/Garden Station is not liable for injury caused by you or your artwork. You will be required to fill out a liability waiver.

We strongly encourage the use of the following themes as inspiration when creating your art for display consideration at Garden Station:

Nature themes- animals, trees, flowers, sky, water, etc.
Railroad themes- trains, RR tracks, signage etc.
Urban themes- cityscape, skyline, people, etc.

Garden Station is a family friendly venue. Acceptable artwork should not be provocative, overtly sexual, political, violent, or offensive in any way.
Please be aware that Garden Station is accessible to the public 24 hours a day. Vandalism to your piece is possible. If vandalism occurs you are required to repair your piece in a timely manner.

Sculpture Specifics:
Acceptable materials- wood, metal, concrete, stone, etc.
Not acceptable materials- most plastics & glass, all toxic or hazardous materials.
Debatable materials such as plastic & fragile materials such as ceramic and glass block will be reviewed on a per case basis depending on the application and safety issues involved.

Mural Specifics:
Only water based latex and acrylic paint is acceptable for use on the garden wall.
We have numerous sections of our wall available for murals in various lengths. Garden Station will provide a base coat. Garden Station/Dayton Circus will provide a stipend to muralists chosen for mural work. The amount of the stipend will vary depending on the section chosen and its size. ($50.00-$150.00)

Hangable Artwork:
We are also seeking 2D & 3D hangable art to attach to the fence along E. Fourth St. to be displayed long term(6 months) & short term(during events).
Please email photos and/or description or call us for more information. 626.8013

Please visit us in the garden during our regular group gardening day! Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm, weather permitting.

Join us in the garden for Burrito Jam! Music, burritos, bonfire and more! Thursday evenings @ 7pm.

Join the Dayton Circus at our monthly meetings! Every third Saturday of the month from 1-3pm at the Dayton Circus Communal Studio. 50 Front St. Suite 0010 (corner of Front & Second Streets)

To learn about everything Circus log on to
To learn about everything Garden Station join our yahoo group-

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sincerely- Garden Station Art & Planning Committee
Lisa Helm, Lily Whitehead, David Kenworthy

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