THE EASEL @ Garden Station

Rich Lober'
"saxeT" by Rich Lober', installed May 2010

Past Installations:

Rich Lober'
"Maybe Later" by Rich Lober', installed January 2010

(September 2009)
"Foreplay!!" consists of four pieces of Artwork:

1) The bottom right is titled: "My Darling Garden"

2) The top right is titled: "Stub"

3) The top left is titled: "Silicon Valley"

4) The bottom left is titled: "Tok"

The canvass is finished and fixed into place and lo, and behold, it achieves the intended effect. It provides a focus for the back of the garden without being overpowering. Seen here at night, the landscape looks real at first, and the limits of GardenStation are extended. Furthermore, having accepted this information, the viewer will be reluctant to reassess the situation, so the illusion will linger even after the scheme is discovered.

THE EASEL was first conceived by Richard D. Lober' in August 2008, & created September. Designed to compliment the back of GardenStation, THE EASEL incorporates garden spaces as well as art. The artist's medium for THE EASEL is wood & steel and has been titled: 'The Ascent' . (more after the jump)

Canvass ART will be presented in a variety of ways as an Artist's best friend. As of this date: 10/09/'08, only a void canvass is being used. Titled: "Every Day a Blank Canvass", this void frame has been used as a screen to view slide & video projections. For these reasons, multiple canvasses are to become available & used in 2009. A painted canvass will be ready for the "Haunted Harvest", an All Saints Day Event scheduled for October 25th, 2008.

The very first painted canvass was previewed & available to the public on October 24th in time for the aforementioned event. This work in progress is a collaboration Lober'/Maui painting depicting the front of GardenStation. To their dismay, the work sustained some minor wind damage the evening of October 26th and had to be brought down. I have encountered & addressed many of the technical difficulties of creating & displaying such a large canvass out of doors. Still, there are more issues . . . and my artistic journey (within the Circus) flows on.

November 5th, '08 will be the public access date for the latest Lober'/Maui canvass on THE EASEL@GardenStation. Titled: "Senators from Illinois" the piece depicts portraits of Senators Obama & Lincoln together.

UPDATE (June 2009):

"Baby Moon" {over 7 mtn's} by Rich Lober'
The latest installation at Garden Station

UPDATE (April 2009):

"P2P (Peace to Planet)" by Rich Lober' - the Asian symbol for Peace

UPDATE (March 2009):

After one month of public access to "Senators from Illinois" THE EASEL@GardenStation was "The Ascent" for approximately two weeks.

For December and the early part of January '09, "Framed" was in place. Then on January 31, 2009, an entirely new canvass was installed titled: "Into the Void". This exciting new idea in outdoor technology weathered the storms of February, and will provide a backdrop for the next piece.

My artist treatment is finished and the project should be installed by Spring. "Into the Void" will be a part of this evolution and taken down March 1st.

So, in the meantime, THE EASEL@GardenStation will stand alone in genesis as "The Ascent" once again.

end update

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