Russians Singing Quenn

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Olympic festivities... sometimes they go too far. "We Are the Champions" in Russian, anyone? I think that's Russian.

Love how they all run away at the end like they're embarrassed.

art work by ladykashmir mcacd fellowshipp.dayton.ohio

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The Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District supports, nurtures, and encourages the development and preservation of arts and culture in Montgomery County with primary funding from the Montgomery County Commission.

The Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District is a special purpose unit of government created under Ohio Law to provide support to arts and cultural organizations and individual artists within Montgomery County, Ohio. Currently, the District allocates $1 million annually to support the arts and cultural heritage of Montgomery County.

Cheezy Poof Velvet Elvis

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Um, wow. There was that guy who made a Madonna out of poop. That offended people. Here, we have Elvis rendered in unhealthy food-like substance. Somehow, it seems fitting...

Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

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Purest nectar distilled from the rare and delicate Awesome Fruit.

Lady Gaga (pre-gaga days, singing unweirdly)

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Christopher Walken is somewhere, eating his heart out over this. Actually, pretty good and heart-warming.

Screen Printing instructions

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Here's how it's done. Before, I was kind of intimidated by the whole process. Now, I think it might be easy enough to do at home in a weekend. Who wants to do some screen printing? Kenworthy???

Japanese WTF Breaks Rappers

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I love it when Japanese people rap in English.

Sample of lyrics:

"Sounds... like...
Beat Box Frenzy!
Taste Like Spicy,
Groove Like Spacey!"

These guys are incredibly weird. But only because no one on Earth can understand them. The aliens from the year 2300 will think this totally makes sense.

For David Kenworthy

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The "punch line" of this one makes the weird, creepy clown dance worth it.

Christopher Walken Sings Lady Gaga

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No, seriously. Christopher Walken perform's Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Classic.

Glitch Mob take on the streets of SF (We should do this)

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The sick group "glitch mob" out of San Fransisco hit the streets to do three live, impromptu performances.

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